This music is the best I have recorded with non-New Orleans musicians. Of this there is no doubt in my mind. The band has one U.S.-born musician from Mayo, Florida, one naturalized American born in England, two Swedish-born players and two Canadians. Yet, uncannily, they blend together as one, happily playing in the old style with a heavy influence on ensemble playing – an art that has all but disappeared from the remaining New Orleans bands.

I can honestly say that the music contained herein takes me back to my arrival in New Orleans on January 6th, 1961. For the listener it would, I believe, have the power to make one nostalgic for a time and place one has never known.

The simplicity of the rhythm section allowed me on the drums to employ beats and licks I learned over half a century ago for long forgotten men like Paul Barbarin, Alec Bigard, and “Chinee Bebe.” I know both Orange and Freddie felt the same. You can hear it and that’s why we called this CD “SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES.”

– Barry Martyn

Release Date – 2014

Track List

  1. Sing On!
  2. Seems Like Old Times
  3. I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket
  4. Oriental Man
  5. Swanee Rive
  6. D.M.F. Blues
  7. Anytime
  8. Houma, La.
  9. Raining In My Heart
  10. Beautiful Dol
  11. Big Butter & Eggman
  12. Crazy
  13. Love Songs Of The Nile
  14. Marie
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